2017 came in with a Bang

Hi everybody!

2017 came in with a bang that I was not expecting.  A bang that has had me on an emotional and mental rollercoaster-not enjoying it one bit reason why all the goals I had planned for this blog has been in the back burner but I am coming back little by little.  I’ve been back to attending the South Florida Bloggers meetings and I’ll be attending Hispanicize next week.  This is my 2nd year attending and I honestly can’t wait!

So here’s a recap of EVERYTHING that has been going on.

December my boyfriend/fiancée/future hubby who took the father role with Sammy decided he needed a break from it all and left us to do him. To live life.  That turned my world upside down especially like we had made plans to move to Orlando in May of this year. Give Sammy a sibling within the next 2 years and get married.  Now if you’ve been following me long enough you’ll know that Sammy’s biological dad walked out on us when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  This man was the only father Sammy knew since he walked into our life when Sammy was not even 2 months old.  I say knew because kids are smart.  Sammy noticed that he wasn’t around and when he would come around to pick up his mail Sammy would pay no attention to him.  Everybody tells me that it’s a blessing he walked out now and not when Sammy was 5.  Agreed but it still hurts as a mom and as a girlfriend. The companionship is gone.  I come home to an empty apartment. I am alone in picking up the pieces for Sammy and I just as when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  Seeing him walk out like it was all fine and dandy was like deja vu all over again.

If you follow me on Instagram you know my Sammy is currently not with me.  He’s back home with my mom in Dominican Republic.  I miss my Sammy all the time.  When I facetime him every evening and he decides to hang up with me it breaks my heart.  I’ve cried many tears since I left my Sammy.  Daycares here in Broward close at 6:30pm and I work until 9pm.  He used to take care of Sammy and due to him and I not being together anymore and family being far Sammy is living it up in DR while I’m here missing him.  In a way I try to think about the positive effects this has on him: not too attached to me, he’s speaking Spanish, and he is enjoying his Dominican culture, but it’s hard!! I give props to mothers who travel for work and are apart from their kid(s).

Sammy with Grandma in Santiago, DR.

So like we had plans to move to Orlando by the end of April guess who is about to be homeless?!!?  Yup ME!  Ladies and gents unless you see a future with somebody DO NOT sign a contract for a house.  November 2016 we signed contract on a new built house to be ready by April 2017.  December he ends the relationship.  From January to like a week ago I was doing everything in my power to be able to get that house on my own but in the end he went back on his agreement he made with me two weeks earlier and I decided to say good-bye to this house that was costing me my mental health.  So what does that mean?  I have about 3 weeks left to see where Sammy and I will live.  Not fun.  The sooner I can find a home, the sooner I can request work from home, and the sooner my Sammy will be back with me.

In the midst of all this my aunt passed away from Stage 4 Cancer on January 30, 2017.  I can honestly say that with everything I have going on I haven’t even had the time to mourn my aunt.  My aunt was a strong woman who worked with the American Red Cross in DR (she was actually one of the 1st helpers in Haiti when the earthquake hit), gave her time to the community, and had a smile to light up the room.  She was always available for everybody but never took the time to take care of herself and by the time she wanted to it was too late.  She is missed everyday.  I miss her everyday.  I believe her passing taught us that we have to make time to take care of ourselves.  Also, to enjoy every moment because you never know when your last moment will be.  My last memory of her wasn’t very pleasant so I immediately think of her smile.  Ladies take care of yourself!

At my baby shower with my aunt and her daughters. She decorated my 5th year birthday, 15s, and Sammy’s Nautical baby shower.


I decided to change my name to my blog after a session I had with Natalie from Wine with Nat.  When I started the blog it was under TravelerSingleMom and I am going back to something like that.  I had forgotten the real reason I started blogging and it was great to be reminded why I decided to start this journey.  Currently in the process of getting help with the website and hopefully by June I’ll have everything to how I want it. In the mean time everything is still the same.

So yes 2017 did not start as expected but it has taught me to have my t’s cross and my i’s dotted.  That at your lowest moment you’ll discover how strong you can be.  I’ve never felt more alone then I do now.  Coming home to an empty house and going to sleep by myself wasn’t something I was looking forward to but its one growing pain I will definitely value.  It has also taught me I basically have no friends which hurts but not everybody is going to be there for you like you would be there for them I guess.  Definetly learning to stand on my own two feet. I got this…somewhat lol!

But when you see me you don’t see a depressed/emotional girl, you’ll get happy Jazmin because at the end of the day you have to dance through the storm and I am dancing to some típico or Bruno Mars jam!

Thank-you for reading!


P.S. I dreamt with my aunt last night since her passing and I woke up with a smile.  Thank-you Tia!



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  1. So sorry you and Sammy were blindsided and disappointed. But I hear a survivor in this blog. I hear someone who will not allow the careless, cold, and unforgivable behavior of someone else to dictate their future. Style strong Jazmin. And I am always just a phone call away if you ever need to talk.

    1. Thank-you Cheryl! Very much appreciated. Same here and many blesssings!

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