Hello 2017!!!

Hello 2017 and hello to you too!!  I know I’ve been disappeared but I honestly did not think of the amount of work it would take to make this blog grow and grow well.  Between being a full-time employee, mom, and a housewife it all caught up with me.  I’ve been posting on my Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat-JazzyJBlog <–no excuse to not be following me! 🙂  But I am back and with determination.  I have tons of content which means I should be able to post once a week, don’t worry I’ll keep you updated!

So it’s 2017 ladies and gents!!  Wow honestly 2016 was just like yesterday me!  2016 was full of adventures, making peace with the past, and saying hello to a 2017-I’m so ready for it!  Like it’s the new year you know what that means — New Year Resolutions!!

A new year for resolutions, goals, hobby, or even a teaching class to learn something new.  This year in my personal life I am making the cautious decisions to put myself first.  To take some time for me because if I don’t take care of me I can’t take care of Samuel.

For JazzyJBlog my goals for this year is to follow an Editorial Calendar thanx to the Blog Elevated to have a plan on what to write and when to post.  I am also going to meet with 2 great individuals within the circle of South Florida Bloggers to help me to expand my brand and basically tell me what direction to go because my friends I feel so lost.  I am also attending many blogging conferences that will help me even more, want to join me?  This year I’ll be attending:

  1. We All Grow Summit in beautiful Los Angeles March 2-4.  After attending their one day Summit here in Miami last September I told myself I definitely had to visit their huge summit in Los Angeles.  They did so much for one day that I can’t imagine everything they’ll do for their 2 day event.  They also have a one day summit in NYC on June 3rd which I plan on attending as well.
  2. Hispanicize in my hometown of Miami April 3rd-6th. This will be my second time attending.  Last year I met great people in the blogging industry and learned about Snapchat and the blogging industry.
  3. Women in Travel Summit in Milwaukee April 21st-23rd.  This is my first time attending and I can’t wait!  Their schedule already has me excited.
  4. TBEX in Huntsville, Alabama May 4th-6th. I attended for the first time 2 years ago when it was here in Ft. Lauderdale and it was a lot of information that I so needed to hear as well as an awesome opportunity to meet with companies willing to work with travel bloggers.  Can’t wait to return to this conference especially in a city I have never been!
  5. BlogHer is coming to Orlando, Fl. June 22nd-24th.  Orlando is my 2nd home and I’ve been an avid follower on Twitter so I’ve definitely purchased their ticket.

Hopefully those will help me meet my goals of getting published on a website, working with a brand, gaining a good amount of followers, and to hopefully start my YouTube channel.

What are your plans for this new year?  Hopefully you’ll reach all your goals and more!




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  1. Hi Jazmine! Yes, blogging is very time consuming and takes persistence. It sounds like you have a full plate. Will you be travelling for all those conferences? You will be a busy woman!


  2. Jazmin – Happy New Year – you’ve got some great conferences to attend this year! I want to go to some as well, but I’m thinking I want the ones specific to my genre — food! If you hear of any Food Blogger events, let me know! It was good to see you in Miami last month at the awards! Wishing you the best for 2017!

    1. Sry just seeing this!! Will def keep you in mind for any food blogger events. I know BlogHer has a food segment as well. As soon I see any updates will let you know. Thank-you and same to you!

  3. Happy 2017! I love your first blog, there is a key word that you use that I live by: DETERMINATION. You educated yourself on this journey and now is time for you to master it! Congrats on making peace with your past, that is key in being able to succeed in life! Congrats on putting yourself first as well, this is exactly the secret of happiness. Good Job!

  4. Thank-you!! xoxo

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