Hi Voyagers and welcome to my  Voyage!

As I child I used to write in my journals and it was (and still is) the best way for me to express myself.  I didn’t think about creating a blog until I became a single mom 3 years ago.  Originally I wanted to share the ups and down of being  a single mom but I didn’t want my blog to just focus on single parent life reason it has gone from TravelingSingleMommy to JazzyJBlog to ……….

Welcome to Jazmin’s Voyage!  My Voyage of travel adventures with my toddler son Samuel, my voyage of a Dominican-American in her early 30s, and my voyage as a Travel Agent for American Express (AMEX) Centurion and card holder of the Platinum card.

I hope via one of my blog post you get inspired to take that trip whether its near or far and know you are not alone in the struggles and joy in parenting.  Whether you are a parent or not travel is definitely something I would love to encourage to my readers.  Whether it’s a road trip (which I love), your first international trip, a cruise, etc. book it and enjoy the process and the moment.  Those are moments that will stay with you forever.

Sammy’s first flight!


In regards to AMEX I decided to include it in my blog because The Points Guy advises all the perks of having an American Express card so I was like, “Hey I can do that too!” and like I work for them (not getting compensated to blog about their benefits) and I am a card holder I decided to share that part of me with you too. –  ALL VIEWS ARE MY OWN!

A little history about me:

I was born in Dominican Republic, raised in Miami since I was 1 years old, and currently live in Central Florida-I still live where you vacation 🙂 .  I got the travel bug my first year in college thanx to my sister as she works with AMEX.  While in college (AIC in Springfield, MA) I would explore Boston/Cambridge every other week, New York, and Connecticut. I also use to keep a notebook with articles from Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler. Every time I tuned in to see Samantha Brown’s show  I would think: I want to do that one day but in my country of Dominican Republic!  I changed my major from Education to Hospitality and Tourism Management and took my first job in September 2006 with Residence Inn in Coconut Grove, FL.  I also worked with Extended Stay Hotels until 2008 which is when I started working at Carnival Cruise Lines.  January 2012 I started working at American Express which has taught (and still learning) everything that has to do with travel especially luxury travel.

Four Seasons Orlando. My favorite property in Orlando.

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Thank-you for visiting and hope to “see” you soon!












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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on writing from the heart! And we are both Dominicans!

    1. What?! Awesome!!!! Hi!! Lol

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