My 1st Year being a Mom to Sammy

Hello everybody!

I’ve just came to the realization that it has been a year since I’ve become a mother.  A mom.  Still crazy to know that I have somebody calling me, “Ma!” and running up to me every time I walk through the door from work or when he wants his mommy.  This first year has been a whirlwind.  From the moment I held him in my arms it’s been a whirlwind.  Here is how my life (and yours 🙂 ) has changed:

I miss my sleep – Sleep what is that?  Oh yea where you’re supposed to sleep for 8 hours max for that your body can rest.  Ja!  I remember everybody telling me to enjoy my sleep.  I slept  A LOT before his arrival.  Once he arrived I slept when he slept.  Yes I slept with him.  Forget about cleaning bottles, washing clothes, etc.  SLEEP!  Trust me!

Social Life – I was at an event this past weekend and I had to end it early because all I could think about was, “If I leave by now I can at least put Sammy to bed.”  Life before Sammy-I would have been pulling an all nighter.  Yes your social life will change.  Unless your friends have kids, forget about it.  Very rarely will you see them and/or understand your frustration, lack of sleep, worries, etc.  I used to cry like a baby seeing my best friend get dressed and go out while I had to stay home with a newborn.  Not like I was going to go out but it sucked seeing her go and me having to stay.  Do I go out now?  Rarely lol and when I do it’s always with Sammy on my head.  Things definitely do change.

Patience – Those that know me will be the first one to tell you that I have no patience and I still don’t except for my son lol.  You will learn to appreciate the smell of the roses even more.  You will place your phone down to spend some quality time with your baby whether its sitting across from him/her just to see the look on his/her face when they have discovered something new.  You won’t go crazy when they decide to throw a tantrum (yes those do happen before the age of 2!).  Instead you’ll count to 5 and respond to the best of your abilities.

Post-partum depression – It’s real!  It’s not a subject to take lightly.  This sh*t is serious!  You’ll feel overwhelm (I especially did like his father wasn’t present and I was/still am dealing with those emotions).  It’s ok to talk about it and ask for help.  Get out, go for a walk, sit at a park, something!  I stayed in due to the fact Sammy was born in October and then he got a respiratory virus that landed him in the hospital for 3 days.  Early December I grabbed my child, our belongings, and reserved a two night stay at a hotel.  I wanted to be alone with my child, away from it all.  Trust me if I could have packed all of our stuff and driven somewhere new I would have but I didn’t.  Instead I sent a long text to his sperm donor expressing my anger towards him for not being there for his son.  Sammy and I slept, watched tv, and chilled 🙂 .  I think him and I should do that again lol.

Love – The moment you find you’re pregnant it changes your thinking/way of being especially every time you hear their heartbeat and see them via a sonogram.  The moment you hear their first cry into this world it’s an OMG moment.  He/she is finally here!  It’s even more real!  The moment you hold your child, forget it!  You experience a love that I can’t even explain.  Your world will revolve around this child’s happiness and safety.  You will do whatever it takes to give your child everything in your power.  You will experience unconditional love.  A love so deep and profound.

I feel very blessed to be Sammy’s mother who I love dearly and unconditionally.  Being a mother is hard.  Being a parent is hard.  There are no guidebooks and everybody always wants to give their opinion or criticism.  At the end of the day you are the parent, do what feels right to you.  As parents we are not here to please everybody.  We are here to love, protect, guide, teach, provide to our child(ren) to the best of our abilities.  My first year has more blessings then headaches lol and I am grateful for the days that I am able to open my eyes and kiss my Sammy good morning and good night.  Enjoy every moment.  They do grow up fast.

If this is your first year too give yourself a pat on the back.  Here’s to having many years full of tantrums, tears, booboos, and unconditional love.




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