2017 came in with a Bang

Hi everybody!

2017 came in with a bang that I was not expecting.  A bang that has had me on an emotional and mental rollercoaster-not enjoying it one bit reason why all the goals I had planned for this blog has been in the back burner but I am coming back little by little.  I’ve been back to attending the South Florida Bloggers meetings and I’ll be attending Hispanicize next week.  This is my 2nd year attending and I honestly can’t wait! read more

Hello 2017!!!

Hello 2017 and hello to you too!!  I know I’ve been disappeared but I honestly did not think of the amount of work it would take to make this blog grow and grow well.  Between being a full-time employee, mom, and a housewife it all caught up with me.  I’ve been posting on my Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat-JazzyJBlog <–no excuse to not be following me! 🙂  But I am back and with determination.  I have tons of content which means I should be able to post once a week, don’t worry I’ll keep you updated! read more

Reflecting on my 20s now that I am 30.

Ladies and gents I am finally 30, the big 3-0.  Lots of people have told me that you would view life differently and I used to laugh but it’s for real.  You seriously start viewing your life differently-your friends/work/dreams/goals.  Thursday June 23rd I had a very chill day-salon and dinner at Benihana’s due to the fact my 30th birthday trip to New Orleans was scheduled for Sunday (that blog is coming).  Friday morning at work I was looking at my computer monitor like, “Is this it?!” read more

Sammy 1st Plane Ride

Hi everybody!  Hope everybody is having a great lazy Sunday.  Yesterday Sammy and I returned from being home aka Dominican Republic which means it was Sammy’s first plane ride!  We went home for a week to take care of personal business and for that the rest of the family could meet Sammy. read more