Sammy 1st Plane Ride

Hi everybody!  Hope everybody is having a great lazy Sunday.  Yesterday Sammy and I returned from being home aka Dominican Republic which means it was Sammy’s first plane ride!  We went home for a week to take care of personal business and for that the rest of the family could meet Sammy.

Not because he is my son but Sammy is a true trooper.  On the way to Santiago, Dominican Republic/STI-my home airport-my mom was traveling with us, on the way back it was just Sammy and I. Below I share some tips for your infant/toddlers 1st plane ride.

  • It’s worth the upgrade!  For each segment upgrading to Business class was $110USD-so worth it!  The extra legroom and perks for the 2 hour ride with a child is a plus.  Back in my single days?  I would have sat comfortably in Economy.  Sammy was able to sit on the floor at some points and walk between my mother and I as well.
Ready to take off in Business class.

  • Stroller.  I have a MacLaren Quest stroller which I purchased because it’s travel friendly.  Easy to fold and easy to open.  Pick the best travel gear for you and your baby.
  • Entertainment.  I will admit I totally forgot to pack some toys but my son is a very friendly toddler so on the way to STI he made friends with the children sitting behind us and on the way back to Miami he only wanted his juice and food like it was an early morning flight.  Talking about food…
  • Pack enough snacks and drinks for the duration of the time you are waiting to board and for the duration of the flight.  I brought YogurtBites and his cup to purchase apple juice and water once we passed the TSA checkpoint.
  • Pack extra clothes.  On our way back to Miami Sammy dirtied himself thanx to a major #2 he took due to the fact he is getting new teeth.  Diaper and his onesie went straight to the trash can and a new shirt and pants were put on him.
  • Patience!  This is mostly for us.  At the end of the day they are infants/toddlers that don’t really comprehend the concept of what is going on.  Yes they are bound to cry and throw their mini tantrums.  Count to 10 and handle it the best way you can.  At the end of the day we are all humans.
American Airlines ready to take us back home to Miami.

I am very happy Sammy did well.  He did throw a scream here and there but it wasn’t an OMG moment.  I will admit I dislike flying especially after 9/11 but the fact that I was traveling with Sammy made me calm my nerves even more especially because I did not want him picking up my nerves as well.

South Beach from the air.

This was our first trip for 2016 and it was great.  Tomorrow back to the real world lol.  Enjoy and Happy Martin Luther King Day!  To those off-enjoy, to those working like me hopefully 5p arrives quickly 🙂 .

Take care!



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