Women In Travel Summit Recap

Hi everybody!!

A few weeks ago I attended Women in Travel Summit (WITS) which is the premier event for women travel bloggers.  Approximately 500 women attend WITS every year and the number keeps on growing.  Once their tickets opened for sale for this year in Milwaukee I went ahead and purchased as I wanted to be surrounded by women who blogged about my same passion – travel.

The summit was from April 21st-23rd held at the Hilton Milkwaukee which had sufficient space and beautiful chandeliers for us to stare at all day!

Hilton Downtown Milwaukee provided by Hilton MKE.
Loved their interior! Picture provided by Hilton MKE.

For Friday I started off my day by having a 1 on 1 session with the wonderful Brianne Miers from A Traveling Life.  Eye opening session and something I so needed to know in which direction to take my blog.  From our session I learned:

  1. I need suggestions for my blog name.  I chose JazzyJ because that’s what my close friends/collegues call me at times and I wanted to write more then just single mom life and travel but I’ve been told to stay with one specific topic and go with that.  My original blog name was SingleTravelingMom and situations could change and its best to pick a name that can continue with me throughout.  So I have a few suggestions in mind.  What do you think my new blog name should be called?  & yes I am sticking to the single mom/travel adventures.
  2. I need a tag line.  A sentence that can let my audience know what my blog is about.
  3. Oh & the major one – I need a serious website update.  I mean I already knew that but still.  Currently working on that.
  4. Work on my blog posts.
  5. Create a logo.
  6. I speak Spanish so why not go Bilingual?  Writing I am not 100% and speaking my Spanish is 100% Cibaeno 😀 lol so umm lets see.

Now let’s go to Blogging 101 Day which was hosted by Travel Blog Success.  I am so glad I purchased this ticket because it was full of knowledge for a newbie like myself and their How to Create an Editorial Calendar given by Robin left me speechless.  Thank-you Robin for the great suggestions!  I honestly did not know the many factors that went into planning your Editorial Calendar.  Let’s just let the following picture to speak for it self:

If you are attending next year I highly recommend purchasing a ticket to this session as it has valuable information for us newbies.

Quick Tips: On Twitter post 3-4 times in a day in different formats as it might get missed.  After 3-4 months you can remind your followers on a blog post.  Also, REPURPOSE EVERYTHING!


Build it Better: Taking Your Blog from Drab to Fab with Leticia from TechSavvyMama:

  1. Your blog has to evolve with you.
  2. If you are a strong writer it will get you anywhere.
  3. Join Amazon affiliates – luggage/products.
  4. Dropbox – save pictues!
  5. Posts your YouTube to FB page.
  6. Update your Media Kit every once in a while

How Bloggers Should be Pitching to Brands with Visit Milwaukee, Visti Oklahoma City, and Annie from Dominican Republic Tourism:

  1. On your 1st visit don’t ask for much, 2nd visit depending how blog post does then you could possibly ask for more.
  2. Own your brand.
  3. Exceed their expectations. Know your worth. Build that relationship.

By the way who knew Oklahoma City is mostly known as a family destination?

Other pictures and tips from the conference:

Oneika Raymond & her tips














Improving Engagements on Social Media thanx to Valerie:

Pinterest Knowledge:

  1. Sign up for a Pinterest Business account.
  2. Put Pinterest links on the image.

It was a great weekend getting to know fabulous ladies – Andrea, Sofia from Urban Gourmand, Jaci from MissAirStream, and many more.  It was great reconnecting with my girl Kim from WorkHardTravelWell.

Sofia, Kim, & I with Fonz.

WITS had a wall where we could sticky note our goals for the year.  Below is mine:


Next year WITS will be hosted in beautiful and historic Quebec, will I see you there?

See you next year Quebec!

Thank-you WITS for exceeding my expectations as I honestly did not know what to expect and thank-you to the wonderful ladies for making me feel so welcomed.  See you next year!



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  1. Great recap Jazz! Keep working hard on your goals, soon enough you’ll reach them all. Xo

    1. Gracias amor!

  2. Thank you for all of these tips! I definitely want to start travel blogging and these tips will definitely help me!

    1. You are very welcome :)! GL!

  3. How cool! I didn’t know they had summits for travel bloggers. Thanks for sharing all the tips!

    1. Sure do! TBEX is another conference for travel bloggers as well.

    2. Finally made it, the choc is indeed faicsatnt, reminds me of italy. Cappucino flawless and creamy, the two different kinds of cheesecake we had were a bit sweet, but in each way very nice. wanted to try the soup but was already full, saw it on the neighbours table and that would really have been too much. next time, thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. This is cool. So much good info. Keep doing your thang? Jazmine!

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